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image of item Hellburnerxgene292hackensack07601Science fictionC.J. CherryhHellburnerForced to help jinxed pilot Paul Dekker, Ben Pollard becomes entangled unwittingly in a lethal deep space political mess. By the Hugo Award-winning author of Heavy Time. and Cyteen. Reprint.
image of item Lucifer's xgene292hackensack07601Science fictionLarry NivenLucifer's HammerThe gigantic comet had slammed into Earth, forging earthquakes a thousand times too powerful to measure on the Richter scale, tidal waves thousands of feet high. Cities were turned into oceans; oceans turned into steam. It was the beginning of a new Ice Age an
image of item The Godfatxgene292hackensack07601ClassicMario PuzoThe GodfatherThe Corleone family fights a mob war with the Five Families of the New York Mafia in the years after World War II. After Don Vito Corleone is shot by men working for drug dealer Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo, Corleone's two sons, Santino ("Sonny&#
xgene292hackensack07601Short storyStephen KingNight ShiftTwenty stories of horror and nightmarish fantasy transform everyday situations into experiences of compelling terror in the worlds of the living, the dying, and the nonliving
image of item The Neutro$11gene292hackensack07601Science fictionPeter F. HamiltonThe Neutronium AlchemistThe ancient menace has finally escaped from Lalonde, shattering the Confederation's peaceful existence. Those who succumbed to it have acquired godlike powers, but now follow a far from divine gospel as they advance inexorably from world to world. On plane
image of item The Works xgene292hackensack07601ClassicHerman MelvilleThe Works of Herman Melville767pp Includes Moby Dick, The Confidence Man, The Piazza Tales, Billy Budd all are complete and unabridged.
image of item Spherexgene292hackensack07601Science fictionMichael CrichtonSphereFour American scientists are summoned in great secrecy to the South Pacific to investigate a giant spacecraft at least three hundred years old
image of item Sassinakxgene292hackensack07601Science fictionAnne McCaffreySassinakA TRUE WARRIOR WILL NEVER BE BROKEN. BOOK ONE IN THE PLANET PIRATES SERIES. Old Enough to be Used. Young Enough to be Broken. Sassinak was twelve when the raiders came. That made her just the right age: old enough to be used, young enough to be broken. ...
image of item Mona Lisa xgene292hackensack07601Science fictionWilliam GibsonMona Lisa OverdriveLiving in the vast computer landscape of cyberspace, young Mona taps into the mind of world-famous Sense/Net star Angie Mitchell who deciphers cyperspace plans, including those devised by Japanese underworld
image of item New Destinxgene292hackensack07601Science fictionJim BaenNew Destinies, Vol. 9Three distinct sections: Science Fiction which contained short stories by Elizabeth Moon, Michael Flynn, Kevin O'Donnell Jr., T.W. Knowles II, Charles Sheffield, John J. Ordover, John Dalmas and John Gribbin. The second section was Speculative Fact with .
image of item Marsxgene292hackensack07601Science fictionBen BovaMarsTwenty-five astronauts of the international Mars mission set down on the harsh and unforgiving planet and soon face deadly meteor showers, subzero temperatures, and a mysterious virus. Reprint.
image of item The Digxgene292hackensack07601Science fictionAlan Dean FosterThe DigWhen an asteroid out of nowhere threatens to hit Earth, a space shuttle is sent to nudge it into a safe orbit. Venturing to the surface, three crew members become trapped as the asteroid suddenly leaves orbit, transporting them to a strange planet light years
image of item Ruthless.cxgene292hackensack07601CrimeTom ClancyRuthless.comEncryption technology keeps the codes for the world's security and communication systems top secret. Deregulating this state-of-the-art technology for export could put a back-door key in the pockets of spies and terrorists around the world. So when American bu
image of item Conquerorsxgene292hackensack07601Science fictionTimothy ZahnConquerors' PrideA team of elite fighter pilots, led by Adam Quinn, embarks on a perilous mission to rescue Commander Pheylan Cavanagh, the sole survivor of an attack by a race of aliens who now hold him captive. Original.
image of item Breaking Pxgene292hackensack07601CrimeTom ClancyBreaking PointWhile struggling to recover from a shattered personal life, Net Force Commander Alex Michaels races against time to find the culprits responsible for stealing plans to a top-secret atmospheric weapon that uses low-frequency wave generation to drive people mad.
image of item The Rainma$4$1gene292hackensack07601CrimeJohn GrishamThe RainmakerAbandoning his aspirations about living the good life, Memphis attorney Rudy Baylor fears he will lose everything in the face of a pivotal case that could cost him his life or turn him into the biggest rainmaker in the land. Reprint.