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image of item O. Henry$22$2gene292hackensack07601OtherO. HenryO. Henry
image of item The Symbioxgene292hackensack07601ScienceGeorge GreensteinThe Symbiotic UniverseThis critically acclaimed book argues that our existence--and every other form of life--is an utterly astonishing happening. Greenstein shows that our existence depends on a network of unlikely circumstances, a remarkable series of coincidences. Photos and dra
image of item Tesla, Man$4gene292hackensack07601BiographyMargaret CheneyTesla, Man Out of TimeCalled a madman by some, a genius by others, and an enigma by nearly everyone, Nikola Tesla created astonishing, world-transforming devises that were virtually without theoretical precedent. Tesla not only discovered the rotating magnetic field, the basis of m