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Image of the ItemxMovies on DVDKoyaanisqatsi - Life Out of Balance
Image of the ItemxMovies on DVDMuriel's Wedding1994 Australian comedy-drama film. Muriel Heslop, a socially awkward young woman, is the target of ridicule by her shallow and egotistical "friends," Tania, Cheryl, Janine, and Nicole. She spends her time ...
Image of the ItemxMovies on DVDScrooged1988 American Christmas comedy. IBC Television president Frank Cross is pushing his company to broadcast an extravagant live production of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, making the staff work throughout the holiday. Frank fires executive ...
Image of the ItemxMovies on DVDGhostbusters 2 (Widescreen Edition)1989 American supernatural comedy film. Five years after saving New York City from destruction by the demigod Gozer, the Ghostbusters have been sued for the property damage incurred and barred from investigating the supernatural, forcing them out of business.
Image of the ItemxMovies on DVDThe Fountain (Widescreen Edition)2006 American epic romantic drama film written and directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. Blending elements of fantasy, history, spirituality and science fiction, the film consists of three storylines...
xMovies on DVDFour ChristmasesBrad (Vince Vaughn) and Kate (Reese Witherspoon) are an upscale San Francisco couple. Both come from dysfunctional families, ...
Image of the ItemxMovies on DVDWedding Crashers (R-Rated Widescreen Edition)2005 American romantic comedy film directed by David Dobkin.John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are Washington D.C. divorce mediators who crash weddings to meet and have sex with women.
Image of the ItemxMisccomputer power cord.computer power cord. yours if you need it.
Image of the ItemxMisccomputer VGA cord.computer VGA cord. yours if you need it.
Image of the ItemxMisccomputer power cord.computer power cord. yours if you need it.
Image of the ItemxHardwarezip ties2 inch and 4 inch misc plastic zip ties. If you need a few...
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDThe Mummy Returns (Full Screen Collector's Edition)2001 American action-adventure fantasy horror film, written and directed by Stephen Sommers. The film is a sequel to the 1999 film The Mummy. In 1933, Rick O'Connell and his wife Evelyn explore ancient ruins with their son, Alex, where they find the Bracel
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDThe Mummy (Full Screen Collector's Edition)The Mummy is set in Egypt, where over 3,000 years ago the high Priest Imhotep (played by Arnold Vosloo) was given the all-important assignment of preparing the recently dead for their journey into the afterlife. However,
Image of the ItemxHardwarekester resin core solderkester resin core solder half a spool
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDMrs. Doubtfire (Widescreen Edition)1993 American comedy-drama film directed by Chris Columbus. It was written for the screen by Randi Mayem Singer and Leslie Dixon, based on the 1987 novel Alias Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine.
Image of the ItemxHardware1/8 in. x 1-1/2 in. Hollow-Wall MSD Anchors with Screws (25-
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionHellburnerForced to help jinxed pilot Paul Dekker, Ben Pollard becomes entangled unwittingly in a lethal deep space political mess. By the Hugo Award-winning author of Heavy Time. and Cyteen. Reprint.
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionLucifer's HammerThe gigantic comet had slammed into Earth, forging earthquakes a thousand times too powerful to measure on the Richter scale, tidal waves thousands of feet high. Cities were turned into oceans; oceans turned into steam. It was the beginning of a new Ice Age an
Image of the ItemxHardwareForney 86122 Flints, Replacement, Single Flint, 5-Pack
Image of the ItemxHardwareOlson Saw SA4480 Scroll Saw Blade
Image of the Item18020ToolsGSSA 3SSIERRA AMERICAN Ultra Precision Slitting Saw Arbor Set: .6250", 1.000", & 1.2500"
Image of the Item22Tools86-925 metricstanley workmaster 9 pc metric deep socket set 86-925 3/8 drive
Image of the Item22ToolsModel 395Dremel Multi Pro Variable Speed Rotary Tool - Model 395 Type 5 with flex shaft.
Image of the Item5Movies on DVDFilm Noir, Vol. 1: The Naked Kiss, Kansas City Confidential,4 movies: The Naked Kiss, Kansas City Confidential The Second Woman, The Red House
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDHollywood Musicals - Second Chorus / Mr. Imperium
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDSubterfuge / Cape Town Affair
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDPot O' Gold [Slim Case]
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDHis Girl Friday (DVD, Black & White)A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife ...
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDBig NightOver the course of one night, and mostly within a restaurant owned by two brothers (played by Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub). The brothers are Italian immigrants trying to bring their love of food to America. So far, their restaurant is not performing very w
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDTill The Clouds Roll By [Slim Case]MGM's Till the Clouds Roll By is the musicalized, and highly fictionalized, life story of beloved composer Jerome Kern, who gave his blessing to the production shortly before his death in 1946. As played by a gray-templed Robert Walker,
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDThe Amazing Adventure
Image of the Item5Movies on DVDDonnie Darko: The Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Edit
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDThe Motorcycle Diaries (Widescreen Edition)An inspirational adventure, based on the true story of Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado, whose thrilling and dangerous road trip across Latin America becomes a life-changing journey of self-discovery.
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDGosford ParkDrama set at the country estate of Sir William McCordle in 1932, showing the lives of upstairs guests and downstairs servants at a hunting party weekend when one of the group is murdered.
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDThe Great RaceTony Curtis stars as The Great Leslie, a hero among heroes whose purity of heart is manifested by his spotlessly white wardrobe. Leslie's great rival, played by Jack Lemmon, is Professor Fate, a scowling, mustachioed, top-hatted, villain. 22,000-mile auto
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDTucker: The Man and His DreamFrancis Ford Coppola directed this truly American story based on the real-life struggles of one man and his fight against big government and large corporations. In 1945 Michigan, Preston Tucker (Jeff Bridges) created a car for the future equipped with ...
Image of the Item5Movies on DVDAppaloosaUpon drifting into a troubled Western outpost and discovering that the helpless locals are being terrorized by a ruthless rancher and his brutish hired hands, two rugged, straight-shooting peacemakers decide to stick around and put things right in this Western
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionThe GodfatherThe Corleone family fights a mob war with the Five Families of the New York Mafia in the years after World War II. After Don Vito Corleone is shot by men working for drug dealer Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo, Corleone's two sons, Santino ("Sonny&#
xBooks - fictionNight ShiftTwenty stories of horror and nightmarish fantasy transform everyday situations into experiences of compelling terror in the worlds of the living, the dying, and the nonliving
Image of the Item222Books - nonfictionO. Henry
Image of the ItemxBooks - nonfictionThe Symbiotic UniverseThis critically acclaimed book argues that our existence--and every other form of life--is an utterly astonishing happening. Greenstein shows that our existence depends on a network of unlikely circumstances, a remarkable series of coincidences. Photos and dra
Image of the Item11Books - fictionThe Neutronium AlchemistThe ancient menace has finally escaped from Lalonde, shattering the Confederation's peaceful existence. Those who succumbed to it have acquired godlike powers, but now follow a far from divine gospel as they advance inexorably from world to world. On plane
Image of the Item3Tools9-7476Hand Riveter Kit SEARS CRAFTSMAN USA MADE
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionThe Works of Herman Melville767pp Includes Moby Dick, The Confidence Man, The Piazza Tales, Billy Budd all are complete and unabridged.
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionSphereFour American scientists are summoned in great secrecy to the South Pacific to investigate a giant spacecraft at least three hundred years old
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionSassinakA TRUE WARRIOR WILL NEVER BE BROKEN. BOOK ONE IN THE PLANET PIRATES SERIES. Old Enough to be Used. Young Enough to be Broken. Sassinak was twelve when the raiders came. That made her just the right age: old enough to be used, young enough to be broken. ...
Image of the Item4Books - nonfictionTesla, Man Out of TimeCalled a madman by some, a genius by others, and an enigma by nearly everyone, Nikola Tesla created astonishing, world-transforming devises that were virtually without theoretical precedent. Tesla not only discovered the rotating magnetic field, the basis of m
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionMona Lisa OverdriveLiving in the vast computer landscape of cyberspace, young Mona taps into the mind of world-famous Sense/Net star Angie Mitchell who deciphers cyperspace plans, including those devised by Japanese underworld
Image of the Item6Toolslantern flash lightReady Flex Yellow Lantern Eveready
Image of the Item11Toolsmodel 7548M47 Series Jig Saw 1/4HP Motor Made in USA model 7548
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionNew Destinies, Vol. 9Three distinct sections: Science Fiction which contained short stories by Elizabeth Moon, Michael Flynn, Kevin O'Donnell Jr., T.W. Knowles II, Charles Sheffield, John J. Ordover, John Dalmas and John Gribbin. The second section was Speculative Fact with .
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionMarsTwenty-five astronauts of the international Mars mission set down on the harsh and unforgiving planet and soon face deadly meteor showers, subzero temperatures, and a mysterious virus. Reprint.
Image of the Item243ToolsBlack & Decker 7 1/4"7391_TYPE
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionThe DigWhen an asteroid out of nowhere threatens to hit Earth, a space shuttle is sent to nudge it into a safe orbit. Venturing to the surface, three crew members become trapped as the asteroid suddenly leaves orbit, transporting them to a strange planet light years
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionRuthless.comEncryption technology keeps the codes for the world's security and communication systems top secret. Deregulating this state-of-the-art technology for export could put a back-door key in the pockets of spies and terrorists around the world. So when American bu
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionConquerors' PrideA team of elite fighter pilots, led by Adam Quinn, embarks on a perilous mission to rescue Commander Pheylan Cavanagh, the sole survivor of an attack by a race of aliens who now hold him captive. Original.
xMaterials2x4 8ftabout 10 pieces, weather treated
Image of the ItemxBooks - fictionBreaking PointWhile struggling to recover from a shattered personal life, Net Force Commander Alex Michaels races against time to find the culprits responsible for stealing plans to a top-secret atmospheric weapon that uses low-frequency wave generation to drive people mad.
Image of the Item41Books - fictionThe RainmakerAbandoning his aspirations about living the good life, Memphis attorney Rudy Baylor fears he will lose everything in the face of a pivotal case that could cost him his life or turn him into the biggest rainmaker in the land. Reprint.
Image of the Item4Movies on DVDLife as We Know It DVD Katherine HeiglTwo people who can't stand each other are forced to care for the same child in this domestic comedy drama starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Holly (Heigl) is a caterer whose career is just getting off the ground; Eric (Duhamel) directs sports...
Image of the Item3Movies on DVDThe Linecrime thriller set along the Mexican-American border. Mexican drug lord Pelon has managed to escape the ire of the American government, but his decision to switch from cocaine from Colombia to heroin from Afghanistan attracts their attention...